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The 2023 edition “PET value chain in a fast-paced environment for circularity” will take place on 1-2 February in Brussels, at the DoubleTree Hilton Brussels.

The conference will explore the core challenges facing our sector over the next 3 years: vPET and rPET market evolutions, fundamental objectives for the PET industries, energy and geopolitics, PET Net Carbon Strategies, recent and future regulatory EU issues and many other topics.

High-level speakers including Alexandre Paquot - Director for Innovation for a Low Carbon, Resilient Economy at DG CLIMA and Mattia Pellegrini - Head of From Waste to Resources Unit at DG ENVI, will join and explain the goals and expectations of the European Commission for the PET value chain.


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The event will be dedicated to recycling, circularity and the PET value chain’s contribution to the EU’s carbon neutrality goals, marking also Petcore’s 30th anniversary. You can check here the full agenda and speakers.

Petcore has been pioneering PET circularity since 1993. Its annual conference draws the whole industry value chain and enjoys wide engagement including Sponsors and Media partners.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on: [email protected] or [email protected].

Maria Trofimova

Digital Communications Officer, Petcore Europe

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About Petcore Europe

Petcore Europe is the association representing the complete PET value chain in Europe since 1993.

Its mission is to ensure that the entire PET industry is well aligned to enhance its value and sustainable growth, to represent the PET industry before the European institutions and other stakeholders, to ensure that PET is positioned as an outstanding packaging material and recognised as environmentally sound, to support and validate innovative packaging solutions from a recycling perspective, and to work with all interested parties to ensure a continuous increase of PET post-consumer collection and recycling.

PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is a strong but lightweight form of polyester. It is used to make containers for soft drinks, juices, drinks, water, edible oil, fresh food and dairy as well as household cleaners and other non-food applications. PET bottles and food containers, such as sheets and trays are perfectly recyclable while they help to reduce CO2 emissions and food waste.


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