Results Kick-off Meeting Working Group Recycling of PET Thermoforms

The European industry involved in PET Film, Sheet and Thermoforms has organised the kick-off meeting on 11 June in Brussels to start a Working Group for the recycling of PET Thermoforms.


This Working Group has the objectives to develop feasible solutions for the recycling of PET Thermoforms, including design-for-recycling, packaging technologies, collection, sorting and recycling technologies. During its first meeting the group determined and specified their targets, strategy and actions.

The focus of the Thermoforms Working Group will lie on three specific targets:

  1. Maintain and possibly increase the market share of PET thermoforms in the European market.
  2. Improve the image of PET thermoforms as best-in-class by promoting a value-chain approach by end users (retailers, brand owners, consumers).
  3. Provide sustainable and reliable end of life options for PET thermoforms.

By involving all parties in the value chain and sharing best practices and results, the group will carry out the following actions:

  1. Analyse the PET thermoforms market per type of tray design and composition and per country & analyse the actual outputs for rPET from thermoforms.
  2. Develop Design for Recycling Guidelines.
  3. Define, validate and disseminate the best recyclable packaging technologies.
  4. Define, validate and disseminate the best collection, sorting and recycling technologies.
  5. Develop new applications for PET thermoforms or mixed PET.
  6. Start a real collection, sorting and recycling stream for PET thermoforms, where possible today.

Furthermore, during this first meeting six sub task groups have been formed that will deal with specific topics in order to report to the next Working Group meeting:

  • Task force 1; Market analysis: has to report on input and collection figures in EU countries for PET thermoforms

  • Task force 2; Packaging technology: has to report on the innovation and technologies that can help closing the loop in PET thermoforms.

  • Task Force 3:

    • Sorting and recycling; has to report about the status of the art in collection, sorting and recycling technologies about PET thermoforms

    • Projects / best practices: has to report on all ongoing projects, including other regions, related to improving the recycling of PET thermoforms​    

  • Task force 4; Application rPET from thermoforms or mixed PET: has to look after development of applications for r-PET coming from PET thermoforms

  • Task force 5; Communications: has to inform stakeholders, interest groups & industry about the developments in the recycling of PET Thermoforms

The next Thermoforms Working Group Meeting will take place in the first week of October 2015 at the Petcore Europe Offices in Brussels.

Companies that have not subscribed so far are more than welcome to join this Working Group or one of the task forces. If you would like to register or receive more information, please contact Eva Schneider via

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