EPBP launches Design Guidelines for Recyclability for ‘food grade’ OpaqueWhite PET bottles

The inclusion of opaque white PET beverage bottles in the targets set by the European Commission demonstrates the commitment of the industry towards a more sustainable future.

EPBP (European PET Bottle Platform) has now developed ‘design guidelines’ for recyclability for food grade opaque white PET bottles and expects that these guidelines will provide crucial support to the mechanical recycling industry for plastics in Europe.

By providing structure and encouraging dedicated PET bottle streams, these guidelines will help to maintain the quality and safety of both the opaque white and the clear PET beverage bottle streams. This supports a circular economy by promoting the recycling of materials for the same application and adding value to each stream.

By actively working towards increasing the use of recycled PET, the mechanical recycling industry for plastics is playing a vital role in reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of plastic. By aligning with the targets set by the European Commission, and the structuring the industry for ‘circularity’, the PET value chain players are actively working towards a more sustainable future.

Please check out the full Press Release right here.

To learn more about EPBP, please click on the link and follow EPBP on LinkedIn to stay updated.


Maria Trofimova

Communications Executive, Petcore Europe

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PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is a strong but lightweight form of polyester. It is used to make containers for soft drinks, juices, drinks, water, edible oil, fresh food and dairy as well as household cleaners and other non-food applications. PET bottles and food containers, such as sheets and trays are perfectly recyclable while they help to reduce CO2 emissions and food waste.


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